Relevant solution for sterilization, we supply different solutions:

  • Peracetic acid sterilizer (PAA)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizer H2O2 (HPV)
  • Nitrogen dioxide room temperature,¬†controlled RH sterilization bio-decontamination (NO2)
  • Ambient decontamination



Nitrogen Dioxide sterilization and bio-decontamination systems

Noxilizer RTS 400
Noxilizer RTS 400

Noxilizer offers different solution for sterilization and bio-decontamination using Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gas.

Advantages of NO2 Technology

– Room temperature process
– Safe and simple to use
– Faster process times compared with other methods
– Effective at low humidity levels: allows decontamination in moisture-sensitive environments
– Compatible with a broad variety of materials including all common materials of construction of isolators and lockchambers
– Low residuals: typically not measurable
– ideal when manipulating chemically sensitive materials

Noxilizer has developed a room temperature nitrogen dioxide sterilization and decontamination technology that addresses many of the challenges associated with traditional methods of sterilization.
Only NO2 technology offers all the following benefits:

– Sterilization with or without vacuum, with humidification or limited humidification
– Faster processing time (no preconditioning)
– Maintenance of material properties for heat-sensitive products
– Flexible cycles for materials compatibility
– Safe and simple alternative to use in-house

– Effective, room temperature sterilization and decontamination process


Ambient decontamination

Mobywatch offers decontamination system for ambient according to NF T72-281.

Mobiwatch Minibio
Mobiwatch Minibio

The Mobywatch series is used to decontaminate ambient according to the method NF T72-281. The system can decontaminate volumes up to 250 m2 with an easy and user friendly interface that enable the operator to program the cycle. The sterilant agent is contains peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxyde (H2O2).

Main features:

  • Compact and resistant
  • ¬†Easily programmable
  • Completely automatic cycle
  • Adapt to all kind of environment
  • Not time consuming for the operators
  • Dry mist created using “Venturi” effect
  • Embedded pump oil free
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Minimum flow: 1800 ml / h
  • Reservoir: 2L