We supply pharmaceutical isolators for all the process and laboratory needs.

  • Containment isolator
  • API manipulation
  • Sterility testing isolator
  • Process isolator
  • Pharmacy isolator
  • Halfsuite isolator
  • Rigid and soft wall isolator



Containment isolator and API manupulation

Containment Isolator
Containment Isolator

Containment isolator for API handling, up to customer necessity can be in positive or negative pressure.

The isolator ensure a safety environment for handling of high potents and chemicals.

The containment and compounding isolator can be on custom drawing in order to suite the customer process needs and budget.

The internal environment can be decontaminated using one of our bio-decontamination solution and is kept in class recirculating air through HEPA filter.

The containment and API handling isolator are manufactured using stainless steel (AISI 304L and AISI316L) the front door is in hard-treated glass ensuring perfect visibility and easy manipulation for the operator.


Sterility test isolator

Sterility Test Isolator
Sterility Test Isolator

Sterility test isolator are modular solution based upon customer workload in order to fit perfectly the customer needs.

The main isolator chamber can be 2, 3 or 4 gloves to which other chamber or transfer chamber can be connected. The transfer chamber enables to introduce materials without braking the sterility in the working chamber.

The isolator can be made of different materials:

  • flexible wall isolator using a PVC Canopy
  • SS 316L and SS 304L and front glass
  • rigid PMMA enclosure

The isolator is decontaminated usually using hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, that can be external or integrated. The hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination ensure a 6 log reduction.

The aseptic environment is kept in class recirculating air through HEPA H14 filters.

All operation are controlled by a PLC and operator can manage all phases via graphical user interface HMI, the control software ensure that all the action are tracked in compliance with 21CFR Part 11.

Internal isolator flow:

  • Turbolent flow ETF
  • Unidirectional flow UDAF
  • Laminar LAF

Gloves and sleeve material: