Process needs to introduce and remove material in the sterile area without any contamination using Rapid Transfer Port.

  • RTP ports
  • RTP containers
  • RTP consumables

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RTP Port
RTP Port

The Alpha port are mounted on the wall of the environment in which or from which the materials should introduced or removed. The port can be opened only when a Beta Part is connected. The use of the Alpha Port ensure a simple way to introduce and remove material without affecting the aseptic environment.

 BETA Container

RTP Polyethylene Containers BETA
RTP Polyethylene Containers BETA

The Beta container enables the material transfer without contamination of the material contained. Once the Beta part is coupled with the Alpha port, the port can be opened and the operator can introduce or remove materials from the controlled containment area.




The containers are made in different materials:

  • Polyethylene PE
  • Stainless Steel SS316L

The beta container can be sterilized in autoclave in order to sterilize the material contained before introduction in the sterile area.

 BETA Bags


System provides transportation and transfer of pre-sterilized components to your filling line. This is the RTP-Bag system.
The concept, using bags and the RTP double door transfer system, insures secure aseptic and/or toxic product management, while limiting the process steps to a minimum.

The well-proven RTP system provides bi-directional transfer, protecting both the product and the operators.
This makes it ideal for cytotoxic or biotech products as well. We can provide you with a full service from component packaging to production line feeding, including transportation, sterilization, full documentation and validation.

The RTP-Bag System is used for:

  • inlet of pre-sterilized items such as filling components (plastic bottles, caps, plungers, stoppers, syringes) into a filling line
  • inlet of sterile equipment into a filling line
  • inlet of various types of semi-finished product packed in a primary packaging  RTP-Bag deals as secondary packaging
  • inlet of monitoring items such as petri-dishes
  • evacuation of waste (broken vials, rejects)
  • outlet of production samples for microbiological tests
  • outlet and storage of semi-finished product (liquid, powder)
  • outlet or inlet + transportation + storage of a product such as semi-finished product (powder, liquid…)